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Certified Professional Coach

“I help stressed-out, overworked professionals regain control of their lives,
so they feel confident, energized, productive and successful.”

—Cris Ohr

Goal Shift Coaching & Consulting empowers individuals or organizations to become unstuck — discover new ways of thinking, shift perspectives and focus to develop breakthrough strategies for sustainable success. This is our promise.

Core Energy Coaching

Core Energy Coaching is a method developed by The Institute for Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). This powerful and efficient approach helps people tap into their inner purpose and passion. It helps clients connect with their outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.

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5-Step Signature System

Our 5-Step Signature System is not just about setting goals and objectives, it is about aligning who you are with what you want.

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Client Success

There’s the process and the promise, though the real test is proof. Read what Goal Shift clients have to say.

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