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Block-breaker, Path-clearer

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Cris Ohr. Her special gift is her intuitive nature and she’s always spot-on with her observations and suggestions. Cris has a nurturing nature though is fully capable of providing the necessary nudge to help break through a block.

What I enjoyed most, in working with Cris was her insightful, open-ended questions and her encouragement to set aside reflection time to come up with the answers. I had many a-ha moments during our sessions and am a better person for knowing and working with her.

—Beth D. / Washington

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Shifting Outlook

I spent eight months last year changing my post retirement career under Cris’ guidance. The main thing she helped me to change was my way of thinking. I had a fair amount of negativity going on and with her recommendation, I took some courses online which were helpful in developing a new perspective. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook on life are very persuasive. She had the tools and experience to guide me toward a new direction in what I was doing. I highly recommend Cris Ohr as a career and life coach because she is flexible,realistic, and knowledgeable about making changes in your life and career.

—Annette B. / Chicago

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An Open Door

Cris helped me look beyond my current situation. Her unique style of coaching allowed me to look at my life more positively and more doors opened than ever before. I was able to land a new job and a new career.

—Jen S. / Chicago

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Cris not only offers skills, tactics and tools—she demonstrates a true caring and compassion in helping me achieve my goals. She coached me through my recent job change and continues to support me on a personal level.

Life can be overwhelming; having a support line like Cris has been very beneficial.

—Lee F. / Chicago

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Pragmatist, Optimist, Problem-solver

Cris Ohr is an exemplary personal coach. She draws on proven business acumen, highly intuitive emotional intelligence and a deep caring nature. For over three decades, she has guided people to uncover strengths, recognize talents, clarify goals, and operationalize their dreams.

Cris is a solutions-focused optimist who is also pragmatic.

As a therapist in private practice, I am delighted to refer my clients to Cris and GoalShift Coaching. I trust Cris completely and without reservation. Her outcomes are excellent.

—Lori C. / Seattle

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Transformational Experience

Working with Cris has been a transformational experience. I have become a more positive and effective leader. She kept me focused and accountable and helped me understand, trust and embrace my 30 years of skills and experience.

—Audrey T. / Chicago

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Clearing Paths

Cris helped me identify unconscious patterns and behaviors that were sabotaging my progress. Our action plan is now working—I’m seeing my goals come to fruition. Goal Shift Coaching was one of the best choices I ever made!

—Frank D. / Chicago

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Just Like Magic

Put simply, Cris “gets” people. For nearly thirty years, I have watched her work her magic with organizations and individuals alike. I endorse her without reservation.

—Barry M. / New York

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What’s YOUR Story?

Your transformational experience may be closer than you think. The Goal Shift Coaching mantra—“Discover. Shift. Transform”.—is not a marketing hook. Getting “unstuck” is truly a process, a collaboration. You only begin that journey when you’re ready. And when YOU’re ready to shift, I’ll pack our parachute.

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