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Goal Shift Coaching Specialties

Coaching is the fuel that powers personal and organizational success. Research has proven—and personal experience has shown—that employees and individuals perform better when positively coached. And while coaching is a specific process that can address any situation, these are my specialties.

Personal & Career Transition Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your career—because of lack of growth or advancement—and are you wondering if you should stay put or move on? Have the important things that you value changed so that your current career is not fulfilling, fun or energizing? Or perhaps it is time to recreate and reinvent you— instead of early retirement?

Goal Shift Coaching and Consulting can help you to tap your inner wisdom, help you get clarity on what you really want at this moment, see fresh possibilities, and increase your ability to accomplish goals with better solutions and results on your own. The only constant in life is change, but how you show up during these transitions will help you adjust, adapt and thrive.

Executive & Managerial Coaching

It is very normal for high level executives and managers to feel frustration, fear, and confusion because of ongoing pressure, the daily grind and the competitive business environment, but where are you able to go for guidance in a safe and confidential environment? With over thirty years of executive experience and with extensive training with Gallup Leadership, Talent Focused Management and the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, I can relate to your issues. Whether your need is individual or for your team, it is a confidential and unique partnership that we will collaborate and build together.

Leadership Development Coaching

Lack of employee engagement, low morale, weak performances, negativity and turnover issues are all strong symptoms that your organization is suffering from the lack a coach centered organizational environment. Goal Shift Coaching can collaborate with you and your team to create a customized Coach Centered Leadership culture depending on your needs.

Life Coaching

An important foundation principle of IPEC is that “Life offers neither problems nor challenges only opportunities.” The best news is that our attitudes and perceptions can indeed be shifted through a process of awareness, discovery, insight, and personal growth. We will collaborate and discover where you are stuck and why, and build customized and realistic plans to unblock unhealthy, non-productive patterns that are preventing you from feeling successful, powerful and confident.

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