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Figuring it Out

Hiring a coach is a very personal and potentially difficult decision. When looking for a coach, I just wanted someone to help me ‘figure it out.’ I got so much more!

Cris’ reflective and supportive approach was not only instrumental in sorting out my short-term goals, she also provided me tools to confidently move forward.

—L. Nicholson / New Orleans

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Focused at the Crossroads

Change is inevitable. Sometimes you control change and sometimes you don’t. I was fortunate enough to meet Cris just prior to significant change in my professional career. We worked together before and during that change. The timing could not have been better for me. Her dedication and desire to maximize my potential—both professionally and personally—did not change course, regardless of my circumstance. Cris was dedicated to a singular objective—unlocking my greatest potential. The process was incredibly eye-opening for me. I realized personal strengths and ambitions that I would never have otherwise. I would highly recommend Cris to anyone, at any stage in their life.

—Jeff S. / Denver

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The Push I Needed

Cris coached me out of a rut that felt bottomless.
I was stuck—both in my career AND my hometown.
I needed help, not just changing career paths and relocating, but also shifting the mindset that was keeping me there.

Cris helped me discover strengths that empowered me. I pursued a new, more fulfilling career path and lifestyle. She helped me break down a task that had felt insurmountable and kept me accountable throughout the process. Her tenacity was only matched by her kindness and positive energy — motivating me to achieve my goals. Every fear I faced was a hurdle overcome. My only regret is that I didn’t start working with Cris sooner. I’m now living my true passions and totally hitting my stride!

—Elizabeth D. / Chicago

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Game Changer

Working with Cris has increased my productivity professionally and my happiness personally. It used to be that I spent 30% of my time working for my most difficult 5% of clients. Now those 5% of clients take up 5% of my time. My employees have told me that I’m a better boss and I have better relationships with all my clients. Personally, I’ve grown emotionally and have a better relationship with my wife and my friends. I recommend Cris all the time.

—Alex A. / New Orleans

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Perfect Fit

I have known Cris for many years. When she decided to move into career and life coaching, I knew this was her special calling and that she was uniquely suited to this line of work. Recently I ran into a roadblock in my career, I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t decide which of two paths I had before me to follow. Cris was my first call. Cris’s expertise helped me step back and evaluate all my options, decide on a path forward and to prepare myself to have conversations that some might find uncomfortable. She allowed me to see the benefits I bring to the table and to present my case and myself to the right people. Ultimately I was promoted to a Corporate VP role, the exact position I was looking for. Thanks Cris!

—Jason D. / Chicago

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Transformational Experience

Working with Cris has been a transformational experience. I have become a more positive and effective leader. She kept me focused and accountable and helped me understand, trust and embrace my 30 years of skills and experience.

—Audrey T. / Chicago

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The Perfect Prescription

I cannot say enough about Cris and her company Goal Shift Coaching and Consulting. Her level of professionalism is apparent from the start. Cris has an approach that is innovative, unique and highly effective. If you are ready to take your career goals to the next level and achieve the success you have always wanted, while maintaining balance in life, Cris is the best choice!

—Dr. Ashley F. / Chicago

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From Tragedy, Triumph

After a year of incredible loss, I lost my way. My father passed away, I almost died, then I filed for divorce. Cris not only helped me regain my compass at work, she gently pushed me down the path to truly grieve, and then skillfully guided me through the grief to the other side. Without Cris, I’m not sure I could have regained my footing, my vision, and my drive. I’ll be forever grateful for her coaching, her ability and her gently, yet skillfully, bringing me to self-realizations that have created permanent insight and change. Cris not only helped save my career, she changed my life and my perspective permanently.

—Stephanie / Austin

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Need a tune up? Stuck in a rut?

Working with Cris helped direct my attention to the things that matter most in my profession. In today’s fast paced world, we sometimes disregard the effect we have on others in our focus to achieve the goal. Cris helped me to slow my pace, better understand the collaborative effort needed in decision making, and still achieve my goals. And with the surprising side benefit of team unity! I feel rejuvenated in both my personal and professional life and credit Cris with my mid-life adjustment. When you consider your need for a great Coach, I highly recommend Cris!

–Tim H. / Buffalo

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I have worked with Cris for almost 4 years as my executive coach. She has coached me in both leadership positions and individual contributor roles. Through the process of working with her, I have been able uncover significant insights in my work style that allow me to operate from a place of strength and positivity. Without her, I’m sure I would have stayed bound to my old, learned habits that minimize my personal and professional aspirations. I highly recommend for you to bring Cris into your life. With her, I am confident that you will be able to achieve more meaningful interactions and exponential satisfaction in your career.

—Jennifer S. / Denver

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Ahhh … Clarity!

We all hit times in our lives where we can’t see the right path, whether it’s in our career, job, or relationships. It helps to have guidance to objectively find the way. At such a time in my life Cris helped me to find clarity and the confidence to make the changes that needed to be made. Cris is sensitive, compassionate, fun and easy to connect with, and I highly recommend her as a coach.

—Emily L. / Chicago

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Right Time, Right Place

Good things happen to those who wait. That’s how I feel after meeting Cris. Over 13 years ago, I was on a search for a Coach. It must not have been the right time because life got in the way and it was pushed aside. The dust is finally settling and its time once again to pick up where I left off with my life’s pursuit. It’s amazing the personal discoveries revealed while working with Cris. She is the key that opens the door for you to work on your wants and dreams. I feel truly blessed to have connected with Cris. She is just what the doctor ordered!

—Bridget W. / Chicago

. . . . . . .

Embracing Change

I came to Cris very confused and contemplating a career change. Her professional guidance and questioning coupled with a variety of unique and comprehensive strengths and personality assessments grew my confidence in my decision exponentially. Ultimately, she provided me with all the tools I needed to choose a career path that I am very positive and excited about!

—Bill B. / Aspen

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