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Goal Shift 5-Step Signature System

The system of Goal Shift Coaching is highly unique because we know that just “moving up the ladder” is neither the means nor the end.

Step 1: “Awareness”

Get a clear picture, in depth, of your challenges. Identify the blocks and what’s been stopping you from having the experience you want in your job. Deep insight.

Hopeful, new energy and awareness, wisdom and feeling of relief.

Step 2: “Insight”

Let go of fear, limiting beliefs. Change your mindset and perspective. Trust your inner wisdom. Get that you are deserving of happiness. Embrace the aha moments and the new discoveries. Trust the process.

A realization of the possibilities, Optimism, a sense of purpose, self-esteem and self-love, a new appreciation of living life with joy.

Step 3: “Growth”

Identify your values and your strengths. Discover who you are at the core. Where do you grow from here? Set boundaries that are in congruent with your purpose. Brainstorm how to create a life and job that are in alignment with who you are and how you really want to live your life.

Feeling in control of your life again.

Step 4: “Wisdom”

Strategize options, then co-create a custom overall strategy.

A feeling of accomplishment, empowerment, faith in the possibilities, and a strong sense of confidence.

Step 5: “Fulfillment”

Implement the strategy—work it, revise it, tweak it and adjust it as needed. Have fun with it. Overcome any new obstacles that come up along the way.

Creating the job and life you want. Watching the vision materialize before your eyes, moving forward into joy, balance and the ability to be true to yourself. Fresh enthusiasm for life and the ability to embrace it and grow.

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