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Certified Professional Coach

Cristina Ohr is a creative and motivating leader who has challenged people to grow and exceed both their professional and personal goals. She believes that success is built on aligning the power within each individual to what they most deeply desire with how that can be accomplished in a realistic manner. As sales person, manager, executive, and leader in broadcasting and media management Cris’s career is a highlight reel of success and contribution. As a deft and successful manager she has established a career of building organizations, revenues and profits, and most importantly, people. As executive coach and consultant she knows that high performing individuals and organizations must be focused on solving customers’ problems, be engaged in their business, and service their needs while appreciating that each person brings a unique contribution to achievement and success.

That success is based on foundational principals of leadership which are underscored by her deep appreciation for the talents and strengths we all possess. Cris’s history of leading change and driving to organizational success is grounded in extensive hands-on experience as well as a devotion to learning. From the National Association of Broadcasters Executive Development Program at Georgetown University, the Gallup Leadership Institute, as well as the Gallup School of Management where she embraced the strength- finder philosophy of Marcus Buckingham, to her multi-faceted engagement with the Center for Sales Strategy and Talent Focused Management and her specialized certifications with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, she brings leadership development theory and its realty together. And it is only when the real world impact of identifying, understanding and aligning the power within each individual to fully realize their potential, that true growth and development can occur.

Cris’ professional experience includes roles as Chief Operating Officer for a charitable children’s foundation, Senior Vice President level sales and marketing responsibilities for major broadcasting and media organizations, including senior level marketing and sales management in national radio, television, and entertainment programming development. She founded and managed a marketing communications firm and, now has created Goal Shift Coaching & Consulting to bring transformational thinking to both people and organizations.

She has been deeply involved in community and charitable activities at the Board of Directors and Officer level, been recognized as the Person of the Year for the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation and led WLUP/Chicago radio to the receipt of the National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award for Excellence in Community Service.

Cris embodies the blending of business acumen with her passion to bring out the best in people so that organizations can succeed and individuals can find fulfillment and purpose.

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