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  • Are you frustrated and having less fun because your golf game is stuck?
  • Want to learn how you’re sabotaging your game, even though you’re actually trying your best?
  • How would you like to play golf with more confidence, less stress and no fear of choking?

If this all sounds about right to you, then we should discuss Golf-Shift Coaching.

You see, I love golf and I love coaching. So when IPEC founder Bruce Schneider, came out of retirement to develop a breakthrough system for golfers (and all athletes) to learn how to actualize and maximize their potential—I was all in!

What is Golf-Shift™?

Golf-Shift is Energy Performance Coaching. This unique program will teach you about the impact power of your energy and the critical steps you can take to make adjustments right in the moment, when “the wheels come off the cart.”

As a certified Core Energy Performance coach, my only agenda is helping you get where you want to go. Let’s be clear—golf pros teach swing, skills and mechanics. I coach you where it matters most—between your ears. That’s where your REAL power comes from.

How do we Golf-Shift™?

Together, we create your personalized success formula that will garner breakthrough results:
  • Learn to create high levels of energy “in the moment” to take your game to the next level.
  • Learn to implement Core Energy Performance techniques in your game and your everyday life—so you’re more present, engaged and constantly improving.
  • Develop true confidence, that you feel during the challenge of sport and maintain when facing adversity.
  • Create long-term goals and short-term strategies that both work toward the future AND have an immediate effect on performance.

Learn more about the powerful process and robust tools that will “Goal-Shift” your performance and take your game to the next level.

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