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Certified Professional Coach

Core Energy™ Coaching

As a certified iPEC coach and Energy Leadership Practitioner—trained by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)—I help people break through both internal and external obstacles that, left unaddressed, can block any chance or potential for success.

What is Core Energy™ Coaching?

Core Energy Coaching is a powerful, efficient and effective method developed by iPEC that helps people tap into their inner purpose and passion. It helps clients connect with their outer goals and tasks, to bring extraordinary and sustainable results.

How does it work?

Research shows that energy and engagement drives our overall attitude. That impacts how you typically perceive and approach work and life, and thus react to circumstances and experiences.

Goal Shift coaching helps clients discover their blocks, clarify and set goals, understand motivations for the goals you have, make more conscious decisions, while removing any internal blocks, focus and organize around well-defined plans and set up measurements for progress and accountability.

How is it different?

Traditional coaching models often focus on getting a person to move from point A to point B—the “outside-only approach.” Our highly-researched Core Energy™ process deals with the CAUSE of your challenges and blocks (internal), while simultaneously partnering to develop breakthrough strategies for important changes and growth.

Put simply, the benefit of partnering with Goal Shift Coaching—and iPEC’s Core Energy process—is that clients achieve outstanding and sustainable results.

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