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Certified Professional Coach

I was stuck.

After thirty successful years as a senior broadcast media executive, I found myself stuck and anxious about my next steps in life’s interesting journey. I knew I wanted to connect with my passions, but I didn’t really know what those were any more. It was important to me to utilize my talents, to be fulfilled and have fun. I had grown out of touch with who I really was, and what I really loved and wanted to do. It is normal with all of the demands we have to sometimes lose pieces of who we really are, because it gets lost in what we think we have to do.

After significant reflection, networking, and study, combined with considerable ongoing confusion, I had my epiphany to become officially certified as a professional coach. My rediscovered life purpose is to help and support others who are stressed out, confused and stuck as to what is next, just like I had been.

The answer was right in front of me, but my vision was clouded by my internal blocks. I finally experienced the shift I needed to transform my life. My own “aha” moment would have come much earlier if I had a personal coach. I would have seen the right path sooner and with greater clarity if I had the right professional to guide me, ask the right questions and help me discover what I really wanted.

Clients tell me I bring a holistic aspect to professional coaching—and golf coaching!—blending my years of successful executive leadership training and experiences with my deep and authentic concern and care for others. I am full of positive energy and believe there are boundless possibilities for people to grow and be fulfilled. I love to blend together my business acumen with strong intuitions, but at the end of the day the most important thing to know is that my coaching is all about you.

You have the wisdom within you. I help you discover your answers and see where and why you are stuck, then help you shift your attitudes and perceptions to create reasonable strategies for success that can help transform your life into the one you truly desire.

I invite you to contact me if you ready to shift your attitudes, find the path that’s right for you and plan the future you want.

—Cris Ohr, Founder, Goal Shift Coaching

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